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3 day challenge​ to

make more time

for yourself

Monday 14 Oct to Wednesday 16 Oct

3-day FREE online challenge to make more time for yourself 🎁

How to make time for something that matters so you can do things that make your heart sing💜🎵

Are you craving for some me time?
Are you experiencing frustration and resentment as you spend all your time taking care of others and having no time left for yourself? The time to nurture and nourish you and help you become a happier and healthier version of you? 🌱🌸

A few weeks ago, I hosted FREE 5-day yoga challenge. The feedback I received from some participants was that they still found it difficult to find 10 minutes each day to complete the challenge.

So I’ve decided to host a mini 3-day challenge this time to help you make time for something that matters so you have time for things that you love 💕

The challenge starts Monday 14 Oct 2019🌈 I will be running 5-day FREE yoga challenge again in January 2020 and I want to help you get ready for that as time management seems to be an important part of this journey!

What you will get when you sign up for this FREE challenge :

- 5 minute video on each day of the challenge
- PDF summary of the challenge via email
- opportunities to ask questions
- opportunities to connect with other like minded mums online

* Please note, the videos will be shared within a Facebook Group called Mindful Mum CommUNITY that is associated with Wa Yoga and only accessible during the 3-day period

The challenge is for you if you are willing to

- change your mindset
- reflect on your habits
- take inspired actions

Sign up today by clicking on the link below. It’s a FREE online event😊

You can join the challenge as long as you sign up before the challenge ends on 16 October 2019🙏

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