Embracing Ayurveda


Ayurveda is a 5000-year old ancient healing system of India meaning "the knowledge of life"

It's a sister science of yoga and encourages us to gain the knowledge of all aspects of our life including our mind-body type so we can find balance and achieve optimal health. 


Want to discover your dosha (mind-body type) and find out what diet and lifestyle help you find balance? Then this new program I will be launching shortly would be perfect for you!


To celebrate the launch, I will be offering discount for the first 5 people. If you would like to book in or want to find out more details, send me an email at info@wayoga.com.au 

​Discovering your dosha 

(will be available on Mon 7th January 2019)

$29.95 full price or $19.95 for the first 5 people

What's included:

  • dosha quiz 

  • recommended food & lifestyle tips based on your dosha quiz result

  • 1 follow up email to answer your questions

What's not included:


  • detailed consultation over the phone (at an extra cost on request)

  • ​detailed food recipes (at an extra cost on request)


Please note that all materials, suggestions & communications are sent via email.

​I am NOT a trained Ayurvedic doctor and this service is to provide general information as a guide only. This does not constitute a medical advice. All changes to diet, exercise and lifestyle should be made in direct consultation with a physician who understands your unique circumstance.