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3 simple ways to feel calm when you are stressed

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

1.Control your breath (known as pranayama)

Breath is such a powerful indicator of our current emotional state. And ancient yogis knew how the practice of breath control affects the state of our minds. Here is a simple practice you can try anytime, anywhere. Find a comfortable seat or you can do this lying down. As you breathe in and out, start counting your breath and see if you can make it nice and even. Perhaps start with 4 counts inhale, 4 counts exhale. Once you are comfortable with 4 beats of breaths, see if you can start slowing things down a bit. Can you perhaps lengthen your breaths to maybe 5 counts? Or 6? Make sure you are not straining your breaths. If you detect any tightness in the body, simply go back to 4 beats. Keep going with equal breathing practice for a few minutes and take a moment to notice how you feel at the end of practice. This is such a simple practice yet very powerful. Try it out for yourself!

2. Take time for conscious relaxation (known as savasana)

Would you agree that the best part of the yoga class is the final relaxation practice when we lie down on our back and stay still? Before I started doing yoga over 10 years ago, I don’t think I had known how to really relax. I remember how calm and relaxed I felt in my body, heart and mind and this sense of inner peace I experienced was something that kept bringing me back to my yoga mat. Lying down on your back, stretching your legs and arms and just relax might not be as easy as it sounds for some people. Many people find it difficult to find stillness and cannot stop fidgeting. Some others just end up falling asleep. That’s why starting with guided relaxation might be easier for some of you. You want to stay awake and alert during the practice and observe how the whole body drops into the state of deep rest. The good news is I have recently created short audio recordings that you can listen to anytime, anywhere. (Available through the link below) When life gets hectic and you don’t have time for full yoga practice, you can still take 5 to 10 minutes each day to drop into complete stillness, let your whole body rest. Add a bolster under your knees and eye pillow over your eyes for extra relaxation. (These products are available on our online eco shop. Feel free to visit the link below)

Audio Files


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3. Try essential oils

I love how essential oils uplift and change my mood. At home, I love using the diffuser but also like to carry my own blend in a roll-on bottle when I'm out and about. I’m not a qualified aromatherapist so I will not be able to give you professional advice on this matter but I can still help you find the right resources. Far below is the article you may be interested in reading to help you find the right oils. Did you know that the beautiful Perfect Potion products are available through our online eco shop? I’ve been a fan of their products for many many years. They are Australian Certified Organic and cruelty free. Have a browse what's currently available right here:

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Essential oils to reduce stress


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