5 questions to ask yourself to be a happier & healthier you

Hello mumma and welcome to the emotional rollercoaster ride of motherhood! How are you enjoying the ride?! (Well who would have known this was to be a part of being a mum anyway??) Loneliness, sadness, fear, overwhelm, frustration, anger and resentment might be your regular visitors along with joy, happiness and excitement. Sometimes we even experience all of these in one single day…Instead of letting these feelings come and go, many of us sometimes choose to hold on to them by adding our stories until miss moody, or worrywart becomes our new character. What can we do to make a shift?

You may have had some sort of New Year’s resolutions or health & wellness goals for 2019 but you may be struggling to keep the motivation high now that the first 2 months of the New Year have quickly passed. I probably see many of you only once a week at most for our yoga class together so I have to be honest and tell you this. Going to a yoga class once a week is great, but it takes a lot more than “1 hour a week” to take a really good care of ourselves especially when we spend all day looking after somebody else. I’m writing this because I’d really love to help you become the best version of yourself. I believe the journey starts by asking ourselves the right questions on a regular basis. So here are the 5 questions you can ask yourself to be a happier & healthier version of yourself especially when things get tough or when you’re not feeling yourself anymore.

1. How do I feel now?

Take a moment to acknowledge how you really feel. Allow yourself to be honest in your observation. Do you feel lonely? Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Angry? Bored? No judgment here. No beating yourself up either. Can you be kind and gentle to yourself as you observe what’s going on for you?

2. How do I want to feel instead?

If you’re not experiencing your desired feeling, how do you want to feel instead of what you’re experiencing right now? Do you want to feel more connected or feel a sense of belonging? Do you want to feel calm and relaxed?

3. Is there an underlying thought or belief that is creating my current feeling? If so, how can I change this thought so I can feel the way I want to feel?

Can you perhaps turn “I’m not good enough.” into “I’m doing the best I can”? You can also ask yourself “Is this thought serving me?” If the answer is no, how can you change it with a positive one?

4. What actions can I take now to feel the way I want to feel?

Do you need to get out of the house and meet other like-minded mums or call and talk to someone? Do you need help with some of the housework like cleaning or do you need to give yourself a break by hiring a babysitter? Do you need to go for a nature walk? Do you need to be on your mat for more stretching and meditation? Do you need to go running or perhaps swimming?

5. Who can I seek support from to feel this way?

Do you need more support from your partner or family? Do you need to organise a cleaner or a babysitter? Do you need more guidance from a teacher or health professional? Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There is no need to try to do everything all by yourself. Let others help you and support you. That’s what they are there for.

There you go mumma. Hope you will find these helpful. Please don’t ignore your feelings and try to put the lid on them. It’s just the matter of time until you’re ready to blow like a pressure cooker! Take time to give yourself full attention each day. Awareness is the key. Without awareness, we cannot change our thoughts and limiting beliefs. Thoughts create feelings and feelings drive our actions. We need to take actions to see a change in our current state and you are the only person who can take actions! You CAN do it lovely!

How I can help you

If you wanted to feel more calm & relaxed, more yoga & mindfulness are what I can recommend to you! If you haven’t been to my class yet, come join us at Copa Surf Club on Wednesday 6, 13 & 20 March. I’m offering child-friendly yoga class from 9:30 to 10:30am and you can find out more details right here.


If you’re nowhere near Central Coast NSW, but looking for tools to feel calm & relaxed, you may enjoy audio files I’ve created for you. There are 4 short & sweet racks to choose from and you can check them out right here.


I’m also available for private classes if you’d like me to be a part of your health & wellness journey. Feel free to get in touch for any questions. Always happy to help!

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