How to have a green Christmas: 8 ideas for sustainable giving

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Would you agree that Christmas is one of the most wasteful times of the year? I love giving gifts (not so much receiving though…I love to keep my life simple & minimal…) and I’m sure many of you do too but how can we have a green Christmas so we are not harming our beautiful planet at this festive period? Can we practise sustainable giving while we are on a zero-waste journey? Here are 8 ideas to get you started and I’d love to hear from you what other ideas you had in mind!

1. Give the gift of experience (instead of goods)

Instead of giving a thing to someone, perhaps we can gift them a lovely experience. Maybe concert or theatre tickets. Cooking or yoga class!! E-gift vouchers are available on my website too if you would love to give someone the relaxing experience of yoga & mindfulness.

2. Give handmade gifts

Offer your time & skills this Christmas! Maybe you are an amazing cook and loves plant-based healthy sweets making. Or you are a wonderful artist and can create a lovely painting. Or you know how to use a sewing machine and you can make a lovely bag or something out of what you already have at home. Get creative and have fun!

3. Shop local

Can we choose to shop local so we are supporting local small businesses and contributing to the growth of local economy? There is so much unnecessary packaging that goes with transporting goods for greater distances. If shopping from an overseas retailer, greater amount of fuels are required and more carbon dioxide gets released in our environment. You are reducing your carbon footprint by shopping locally. I try to support local small businesses wherever possible. As you know, I have very strict criteria of products I support and use daily (e.g. organic ingredients, plastic-free, made of sustainable materials, fair trade, palm oil free etc) so it’s not always possible to work with businesses based in NSW but all businesses I work with are based in Australia. For example, I support Amanda who makes amazing vegan deodorant locally on the Central Coast (Her business is called FunkShineAll and her products are available on my website too) and Lexi from WILD raw skincare who makes beautiful organic skincare products here on the Central Coast. I LOVE buying local, it just feels really nice to work with someone I personally know and feel that my choice is helping them & their family.

4. Give zero-waste starter kit

Why not give practical gifts that help us reduce plastic waste? Our ocean needs more of us who care and want to live in harmony with her.

I have put together top 3 bestsellers from my online eco store. The box includes reusable coffee cup made of bamboo (Perky by Nature), bamboo toothbrush (Bamkiki)band bamboo straws (Yourstraw). Super practical and perfect for friends, family & work colleagues! Available in 4 different colours and don’t miss the sale, ending on Friday 14th December 2018. Click here if you want to find out more:

5. Choose earth-friendly gifts

Why not choose something made of organic ingredients, sustainable or recycled materials? Can we find products not made of plastic? (including packaging!) Our online eco shop offers plenty of ideas for you.

6. Choose eco-friendly toys without batteries

I know there are a lot of mums reading this and you are probably looking for some gifts for your little ones, nieces or nephews. Why not look for something that doesn’t require a battery? Maybe bamboo or wooden toys? Maybe books? See if you can find something made of recycled materials. If not, I’d look for FSC certification wherever possible.

7. Choose eco-friendly cards

We don’t want to see trees disappearing from our beautiful planet. Can we choose cards made of recycled materials so they are not made of fresh trees? I got hold of beautiful Christmas cards by Sophia Mulheran Designs. She uses 100% recycled materials and her designs are supr lovely. Let me know if you would like some. I will have some available for sale at Erina Fair Markets next Saturday on 15th December 2018.

8. Choose eco-friendly wrapping

Let’s not wrap our prezzies in plastic. Avoid shiny metallic paper too as it can’t be recycled. Choose paper made of recycled material wherever possible. If you have kept any wrapping paper when you were given a gift, reuse it. Or even try using Furoshiki, the art of Japanese fabric wrapping. You can use a scarf, bandana, handkerchief or tea towel to wrap your gift and you don’t even need any sticky tape! (you will be making knots instead)

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