What parents can do in uncertain times

Updated: Jun 29

How can we raise a child in the world where social distancing and self-isolation have become a part of our regular vocabulary because of COVID-19? Doesn’t it take a village to raise a child but where is the village? There is no doubt this will be a challenging time for all of us, especially parents. We need to establish new routines while you and your partner work from home, and you may even need to figure out how to homeschool your child while juggling work.

Empty supermarket shelves. People panic buying and hoarding. we can feel the fear arising out of scarcity mindset everywhere in the world right now.

It’s more important than ever before to raise your vibration and stay calm in this climate because your kids pick up on your energy. If you’re worried and anxious, it’s very likely your kids will be worried and anxious too. I’m not saying you should hide your feelings but you need to learn ways to manage your feelings and emotions so your kids can learn how to deal with it by looking at how you handle it. So how can we raise our vibration? Managing our feelings and emotions is a big part and there are many ways to work with worries, anxiety, stress or overwhelm. I believe you will find answers in self-love & self-care practices. It’s time to look within and see what’s happening in our own inner landscape instead of blaming the circumstance or using it as an excuse.


I believe self-acceptance is one of many key ingredients to cultivate more self-love. Accepting who you are just as you are, without the need for fixing or changing. Speaking kindly to yourself is another ingredient for more self-love. Pay attention to what words you’re speaking to yourself. Is it kind or is it harsh? Choose love and kindness over judgement & criticism. Forgiveness is another thing you can do for more self-love. If you lose your patience and snap at your child when she’s throwing tantrum for the 10th time, don’t beat yourself up. Forgive yourself first – you’re doing your best and you’re a human being before mother. Reflect on what happened and ask yourself a better question - what can I do differently next time?


I know finding time is probably the biggest challenge for you right now, but you need to schedule in self-care practice every day because self-love grows more by practicing more self-care. The first person you need to take care of is YOU. If you don’t take care of yourself, you cannot take care of anybody. Fill your cup first so you can overflow with love. Moving your body is more important than ever before especially if you’re staying indoor majority of your day. Stretch your body and meditate everyday even if it’s just for 5 or 10 minutes. Little bit daily is better than nothing at all or even once a week. Consistency is the key.

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Let's keep our spirit high and be the person who offers a smile and positivity. In this climate where social distancing is encouraged, I believe finding support & community online is more important than ever before. I hope this post has been helpful for you and if so, please feel free to share it with your friends & family.

About Chika

Chika is the founder of Wa Yoga (Wa is a Japanese word meaning harmony). She is a Yoga Australia registered teacher, student of yoga for 13 years, teaching yoga & mindfulness for the last 7 years and mum to an almost 5-year old daughter. She specialises in offering online courses and memberships for mothers of young children and young families. She has a gentle approach to teaching yoga and her classes are always infused with mindfulness, reminding people to slow down and come back to the present moment. Her mission is to inspire and motivate other mums to start incorporating yoga & mindfulness into their daily self-care ritual.

She is a creator of Mindful Mama Membership, the online membership for mothers who aspire to embrace daily practice of yoga, mindfulness & Ayurveda so that they can reduce stress, find more calm and be more present and patient with their kids. This is the only place where she can offer you ongoing support. The enrolment is currently OPEN until 10pm 30th June 2021 (AEST). You can find more details by clicking here;


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