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5 fun yoga poses for pre-schoolers

Updated: Jul 26

It’s never too early to start enjoying physical, mental & emotional benefits of yoga. My daughter (pictured above) has been doing yoga with me since she was born. She knows how important yoga is to her mum, so she loves joining me whenever possible, copying what I do on the mat and stretching together. I’ve taught yoga to hundreds of children in the last 7 years and always amazed to see how one yoga class can make a difference in their life. Many parents reported me how happy, calm & focused their children had been after the class.

I'm going to share 5 simple & fun poses you can do at home with your kids. You don’t need a lot of time, 5-10 minutes is a great start but the repetition is the key. Make sure to do it together and have fun together too. Kids learn by copying what we do and they enjoy seeing us have fun!

1. Cat/cow

Instructions: Come onto your hands & knees. As you breathe in, gaze up, lift your heart and drop belly down to the ground (cow pose). As you breathe out, round your back and gaze at your belly (cat pose). Get them to make “moo” and “meow” sounds for more fun!

Benefits: wake up the spine

2. Dog (downward-facing dog)

Instructions: From all fours position, curl your toes under and push your bottoms up high until you create an inverted V shape. Have your hands shoulder width apart, feet hip width apart.

Benefits: strengthen arms while giving hamstrings & shoulders a good stretch

3. Tree

Instructions: Shift your weight on your right side. Bring your left foot to inner calf (or inner thigh) Focus your gaze on something not moving to help you stay balanced. Ask them what kind of tree they are. Hold the pose for 4 breaths (but don’t hold your breaths!). For safety, don’t rest your left foot beside the right knee. Repeat the other side.

Benefits: grounding, increased focus

4. Snake (cobra pose)

Instructions: Lie on your belly. Bring your hands under your shoulders. Lift your chest up while keep pressing onto the tops of your feet. (toes are all pointed behind you) Get them to make hissing noises for extra fun!

Benefits: strengthen back, open chest

5. Mouse (child pose)

Instructions: From snake, come up to all fours position and then push back towards your heels while you reach your arms behind and keep your knees & big toes together.

Benefits: calming

Don’t forget to let them have a little rest in corpse pose at the end of all poses. Hope you enjoy this little sequence and you can start incorporating some yoga poses into your daily fun routine. If you're ready to join a real class, I invite you to book an online private Family Yoga session with me. I love facilitating Family Yoga so that you & your little one can enjoy stretching together and feel good together.

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About Chika

Chika is a mum to an almost 5-year-old daughter and Yoga Australia registered children’s yoga teacher and has been a student of yoga for over 13 years. She specialises in mums & bubs yoga, yoga for mums, kids yoga and family yoga. Since the foundation of Wa Yoga in 2014, she ​has taught hundreds of children mainly aged between 3 and 12 in Sydney as well as the Central Coast NSW. She has studied with many of the highly respected international yoga teachers including one of the leading kids yoga experts, Lorain Rushton from Zenergy Yoga. She loves facilitating Family Yoga workshops online to help parents & children deepen connection and have fun together.

She is a creator of Mindful Mama Membership and this is where she supports mums of young kids on an ongoing basis online. She offers short, simple & sustainable practice for busy mums juggling work & family life to help them fill their cup.

Chika helps you reduce stress and find more calm so that you can be more present & patient with your kids. You can find out more info on this online membership by clicking here. The enrolment is open only a few times a year.

Send an email at info@wayoga.com.au if you’d like to be added to the waitllist.

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