Are your kids stressed out, anxious or nervous? Want happy, calm and confident kids? Looking for some fun ideas to keep your little ones entertained on a rainy day? After a new bedtime routine to help them sleep well? Sick of turning the TV on and want to connect with your kids in a more meaning ful way through mindfulness?


This is a 6-page long PDF document that gives you 12 different ideas to explore mindfulness with your children in a fun way. It's divided in the following 4 sections and presents 3 different ideas for each section:


- mindful breathing

- mindful movements (yoga poses)

- mindful relaxation

- mindful creativity


The content is most suitalbe for toddlers & pre-schoolers aged from 3 and 5, however, slightly younger & older children can still receive benefits of the practice to some extent (further modifications may be neccessary dependent on the development and interest of each child). The document was created for parents, grandparents or any caretakers of young children mentioned above.


Once the payment is finalised, you will receive a confirmation email which includes the link for downloading the document file.


About the creater of this product

Chika is a Yoga Australia registered teacher for both children and adults. She has seen hundreds of children and young families transform their lives through yoga and minfulness. She is passionate about helping children and their parents discover the benefits of yoga.  

12 ways to explore mindfulness with your kids