🌏Ocean Lover Eco Box 🌏

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Ready to ditch plastic? Here is a perfect starter kit for you 

Replace your plastic toothbrush with Bamkiki's bamboo toothbrush.

Stop buying cling wrap and start using 4MyEarth's beautiful cover set instead. 

Say no to plastic straw when you go to a cafe or restaurant and always keep Yourstraw's personal pack in your bag. Goodbye plastic! We love the ocean 



  • Bamkiki toothbrush (Adult. Colour - black)
  • Food Cover Set by 4MyEarth (vegan product, no beeswax used)
  • Yourstraw Personal pack


Food Cover Set

Our 4MyEarth reusable food covers will rid your fridge of plastic wrap and keep your food fresh.  

Made from high quality Cotton canvas so they will last you for years!   

Not just for leftovers, use on cut up vegetables or fruit such as rockmelon, watermelon etc.  

Great for the end of a cheese block too!

The set contains 4 pieces : Extra Small – 17cm, Small – 22cm, Medium – 26cm and Large – 30cm


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Ocean Lover Eco Box

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