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This high-grade, sensuous Rose Water is created by distilling organic Bulgarian Rose Petals. This releases not only the mouth-watering aroma, but many of the roses properties along with it. Unlike most Rose Waters, this is not a bi-product of essential oil distillation; rather this is produced exclusively for a high-grade and highly fragrant Rose Water.

The Rose Water is then restructured using vortex technology, making this opulent fractal Rose Water unparalleled in its transformative power.

Due to the structure of the reordered hexagonal water molecules, the Rose Water can pass through the cell membrane almost instantly, allowing for rapid, nourishing hydration & an increase in cellular performance.

With it’s increased life force, this rose water can transmute your inner & outer frequencies.



100% Bulgarian Rose Otto Hydrosol ‘Super’*

*Denotes Certified Organic



REFRESH: Spritz over face and body to hydrate, refresh & awaken your senses.

MOISTURISE: We highly recommend using after cleansing and before Facial Oil. Spray liberally over face & neck, then gently massage the facial oil and rose water into your skin.

TONE: To use as a toner, spritz Rose Water into a cotton pad, then gently wipe cotton pad over face & neck.

Use as much and as often and you like.

Although it is highly doubtful and harm could be made using these products, it is still advised to test this product on a small area of your body before use.

Rose Water