Online mini course for busy mums

Especially for new mums who struggle to leave the house to attend your local yoga classes.


This course will offer you the convenience of stretching from the comfort of your own home whenever you like, whenever your baby naps. It’s designed to support your home practice so you can continue to nurture and nourish you even though you may not have a lot of time. It contains short and simple videos of roughly 5 to 15 minutes so you can mix and match different videos depending on how much time you have on any given day and how you’re feeling. 


What’s included in this mini course

The following 8 videos – total of around 80 minutes 


  • Welcome (4 minutes)

  • Tips & Suggestions on sequencing (6 minutes)

  • Pranayama: Breath Control - Equal Breathing (7 minutes)

  • Asana: Yoga Poses - Neck & shoulder release (15 minutes) 

  • Asana: Yoga Poses - Hip release (16 minutes) 

  • Asana: Yoga Poses - Back release (14 minutes) 

  • Savasana : Conscious Relaxation (7 minutes)

  • Meditation (10 minutes)




*Please note all yoga poses covered in this course are floor-based poses. You will not find any standing poses in this course. All the videos focus on you and are not designed to do yoga with your baby. It’s best if you can find some quiet time alone, however, it doesn’t stop you from watching them with your little one.   


Course outcome

  • Release tension and tightness in particular area of your body

  • Find a calm and relaxed mind 

  • ​Feel nurtured and nourished on all levels

  • Be kinder to yourself and others including your child 

  • ​Be more patient and accepting towards yourself and others including your child

  • Feel empowered to be given simple tools to take a good care of you 

  • ​Be ready to jump back into the mummy role 

  • ​Recharge your batteries so you can be a better mum for your child 

Who is the course for? 

The course is specifically designed for new mothers who struggle to find time to get to a physical yoga class. For you to participate in yoga poses, please make sure you’re at least 6 - weeks postpartum.(8 weeks if you had a cesarean birth) You might be the 2nd or 3rd time mum with a newborn baby and want to take advantage of your baby’s nap time to stretch out at home. The course is suitable for all levels including beginners. It can be enjoyed by anyone who is interested in short, simple practice. 


Who is the course NOT for? 

The course is NOT designed to lose your weight. It focuses more on relaxation and stretching to work with common complaints many new parents have including neck & shoulder tension, tightness in hips and achy lower back. 


If you’re pregnant

This program is not specifically designed for pregnant women, however, you may choose to take advantage of the limited time offer to purchase this so you will have the resources available for you when your baby arrives. If you’re new to yoga and in your 1st trimester, I don’t recommend doing most of the yoga poses due to the sensitive nature of this time due to high risk of miscarriage unless you have previous experience in yoga. Pranayama, Savasana and Meditation, however, can be practised safely and working on neck & shoulder release sequence might be appropriate for many. If you’re in your 2nd or 3rd trimester, staying in supine position (lying on your back) is NOT recommended. Pranayama can be practised in a seated position and  Savasana can be practised while you lie on your left side of your body. Any poses that involve compressing of your belly and strong twists & backbends are NOT recommended for pregnant women. Please avoid practising back release sequence as this will compress your belly and put your body into backbends. I strongly advise you get in contact with me before you commence any part of the program. 



Your Investment:

$ 27 for unlimited online access to above contents 



When the door closes: 

10pm Monday 31st August 2020


How to access the course content

As soon as the payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with a PDF document attached, which contains the link to join our special Facebook group via email. Please make sure to check your spam/junk or promotions if you use Gmail if you cannot find our email in your inbox.  All the video contents can be accessed through this designated Facebook Group. We require the email address you used to purchase the program to approve your request to join the group. Please allow 24 hours for your request to be approved. 


About the creator of the program

Chika is a Yoga Australia registered teacher, a student of yoga for over 10 years and have been sharing the wisdom of yoga & mindfulness as a teacher for the last 5 years. She has seen hundreds of people transform their lives through yoga & mindfulness including young children. She is passionate about connecting with other mothers and inspiring and motivating them to incorporate yoga & mindfulness in their daily self-care ritual. She wants to help you create healthy habits and hopes to be your cheerleader so you can be a happier and healthier version of you. She has a 3-year old daughter and lives on the Northern Beaches NSW Australia. She currently teaches child-friendly classes for mothers in Mona Vale and specialises in prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, mummy & me yoga, family yoga, hatha yoga, yin yoga & mindfulness meditation. 




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