The Yourstraw Picnic Pack is the perfect plastic-free companion for brunch, lunch or impromptu picnics. This convenient drawstring calico pouch contains four natural bamboo straws and one stainless steel bamboo straw cleaner. Designed to go with you into every and any occasion. Join us in the War on Waste. Refuse single-use plastics by carrying your bamboo reusable (biodegradable) straws with you. When you get home simply put them through the dishwasher or rinse in a vinegar solution to clean. And remember to pop them in you bag for the next outing!



  • 4 natural hand-cut reusable bamboo drinking straws
  • a stainless steel straw cleaner and
  • a drawstring pouch

Yourstraw Picnic Pack


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    ​Images by Miki Yamawaki Photography