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"Sustainable self-care for tired & stressed mums"


About Chika

Chika is a Yoga Australia registered adults’ & children’s yoga teacher and has been a student of yoga for almost 10 years. 

She specialises in yin yoga, mindfulness and kids yoga and finds joy in connecting with people from all walks of life and assisting them with their journey to better health and wellbeing. She strongly believes in the mental, physical and emotional benefits yoga & mindfulness brings to ALL including babies, toddlers and young children. Since the foundation of Wa Yoga in 2014, she ​has focused on connecting with many little yogis and taught after school yoga at various school care providers on the Central Coast NSW. She has since relocated back to Northern Beaches NSW.

With the arrival of her daughter in 2016, her focus changed to connecting with other new mums through mums & bubs yoga. She emphasises the importance of self-care and daily practice in her classes and encourages students to connect with silence to explore inner wisdom and clarity.  

She has studied with many respected yoga & meditation teachers including Christina Brown and Lorain Rushton, but has been influenced mainly by Sarah Owen and her teachers Sarah Powers and Alan Wallace.    

Chika has made a positive impact in many people’s lives and she will continue to inspire & empower others to practice yoga & mindfulness daily on & off the mat.

About Wa Yoga

We are socially responsible and environmentally conscious business always thinking of  ways to give back. 

Our intention is to create a community of conscious-minded & kind people who care about others and our planet so that we can have a positive impact on others as well as our planet. We are passionate about helping you find inner peace & harmony by sharing the wisdom of yoga & mindfulness. Without inner peace, we will not be able to create harmonious relationships with others. When we are deeply in tune with our mind, body & heart, we have a capacity to be sensitive towards what happens around us. We care deeply about our planet and have a dream that our children will have a better future despite many challenges we are facing globally. We are committed to empowering you to make conscious, healthier and sustainable daily choices because we want to change the world for better.  

Our impact

As of 1st January 2018, we have shifted our business model in a way that always gives back to the community. 

We donate a part of the earnings from classes, workshops and retreats to one of the local not-for-profit organisations to support the great work they do in our community. From January to June 2018 for example, we have been able to donate $276.76 to the Australian Seabird Rescue Central Coast (ASRCC), all thanks to your beautiful presence in our class!

What does Wa Yoga mean?

Wa is a Japanese word that has multiple meanings. One meaning represented by the character 和 means harmony. The simplicity of yoga & mindfulness practice we share brings mind, body & heart into harmony, and through that inner harmony, we are able to extend it to the outer world, creating harmonious relationships with others and the natural environment.  Another meaning represented by the character 輪 means circle. As our logo, the seed of life symbol suggests, there is a lot of potential in many circles coming together to create something bigger and more meaningful. Another meaning represented by the character 話 means conversation.  We love chatting and getting to know you! You are always welcome to stay back for a cuppa after the class and be a part of this lovely community :-)

Our commit to be eco-friendly

To show respect to the mother earth and live in harmony with nature, we endeavour to cause the least harm to our natural environment, fully embracing the yogic principle of ahimsa (known as non-violence or non-harming). We therefore, provide eco-friendly high quality products in our classes including biodegradable yoga mats, cork yoga blocks, organic cotton bolsters, blankets & belts. All our classes include lovely cup up organic & fair trade tea of your choice. We are committed to promoting products which are kind to us as well as the planet including organic and vegan items. We are also committed to reducing the amount of plastic waste by promoting products which are made of sustainable materials including bamboo & recycled material. 

Student Testimonial

"My son and I really enjoy Chika’s yoga classes! It’s rare to find a class where your child can stay with you throughout, and can join in or do their own thing nearby. By the end of the class I feel less tense and more relaxed and happy that I’ve been able to fit in some ‘me’ time without needing a babysitter. Chika’s gentle and caring nature sets the perfect tone for a lovely yoga class, she really cares about her mums & bubs community & always adjusts the poses to suit what I need that day. Thank you Chika!" from Leanne