Hey lovely mama! 


Do you need a break from doing everything for everybody and ready to give yourself much needed me time? If your life is crazy and chaotic because of looking after an infant 24/7 or dealing with toddler tantrums & meltdowns or homeschooling your kid while working from home, it's more important than ever before to take care of the most important person - YOU!

Calm & Relaxed Mama

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Tired mama

You feel tired and exhausted most of the time because of lack of sleep, interrupted sleep or having too much on your plate and not receiving enough help or trying to do everything on your own


Stressed mama

You feel stressed out and overwhelmed. There's not enough time in your day and there's hardly any time to breathe or slow down.


impatient mama

​Often times you're impatient and irritable. You're edgy and find yourself snapping at your kids and feel massive mum guilt for losing it and yelling at your kids afterwards.




I'd love you to know you're not alone, lovely. Being mum is mentally and emotionally challenging. I struggled so much in my first year, especially the first 6 months when I was so sleep deprived. I couldn't think straight and I was pretty much a walking zombie.

It felt like I had no time to myself, not even time to shower, let alone time to wash & dry my long hair!

FYI - you can see that I ended up cutting my hair short from the picture of me sitting on the rock below! This was taken within the first 6 months of becoming a mama. I now have my long hair back as can be seen from the very top pic of me & my daughter and my bio pic further down on this page!


Everything I took for granted felt like such a luxury. Quiet time to myself, freedom to go wherever I wanted to go, whenever I desired. The transition into motherhood wasn't as easy as I thought. It was by far the most challenging time of my entire life. I wished I had someone cheering me on as I embarked on this new journey. As I busied myself with giving all my attention to my daughter, I realised I completely neglected my own heath & wellbeing. My cup was empty.  

It was not until when I realised daily self-care was necessary that I slowly started to come out of this survival state. What saved me was the practice of yoga & mindfulness. So many mums put themselves at the bottom of the list but this has to stop! You're the only person who can take care of you, beautiful. I've been helping  hundreds of mums find calm & peace in the midst of chaos and madness and I'd love to help you too.

Let me now show you what I've created!


Calm & Relaxed Mama

In this self-paced online course, you will learn various yogic tools including pranayama (breath control), yin yoga (passive, floor based yoga), yang yoga (more active yoga to strengthen), deep relaxation and mindfulness meditation to help you restore and balance energy


Most importantly, you will receive tips & ideas to take your practice off the mat into everyday moments so that at the end of the course, you will have enough tools to start embodying this new way of living. 


If you'd love to let go of mental, physical & emotional stress and cultivate more mindfulness within you to live more fully, and be more present and patient with your kids, this course is for you! 

You will learn how to...


Relax into your mind,

body & heart


Release stress &

 tension in your mind, body & heart


Restore your energy

and recharge your batteries​


This course includes...

8 pre-recorded yoga lessons (30-minute class each, total of around 4 hours) 

Class 1: Yoga in bed & relaxation

Class 2: Restorative Yoga

Class 3: Yin Yoga

Class 4: Yang Yoga

Class 5: Yang & Yin Yoga

Class 6: Yin & Yang Yoga

Class 7: Tips & Ideas for your home practice

Class 8: Yoga in the kitchen

About Chika

Hello, lovely mama :-)  I'm a Yoga Australia registered teacher and I've been practising yoga for 13 years, teaching for 7 years.  I'm also a mum and got a 5-year old daughter so I know how chaotic & messy it can be to be a mum and looking after little people!


I believe in the healing power of yoga & mindfulness. I also believe that self-love and self-care are essential ingredients for a happy & healthy mum. I've helped hundreds of mums, kids & young families transform their lives through yoga & mindfulness and I'd love to be a part of your wellness & motherhood journey, too. Let me be your biggest cheerleader and let's do this together!

Student Testimonial

“Throughout the course I enjoyed the feeling of relaxation after the 30 minutes class...it was a great quick way to “stop and breathe” during my chaotic day. Poses were simple yet satisfying, and Chika was very attentive. An access to the replay videos is a bonus! It was lovely to meet other mums and practice together from home :)” 

Juri, mother of 2 boys working full-time

"Chika is motivated at helping mothers to make yoga and mindfulness part of everyday practice for a calm and centred body and mind. She is generous at imparting her experiences and advice to new mothers. The yoga poses are easy enough to do again outside of class and the recordings of the classes also make it easy to continue yoga in your own time. She has also shown different types of yoga including breathing techniques, yoga nidra and yin and how to use props in everyday life through the course. It has motivated me to continue to stretch when I have a spare few minutes while my infant is playing or sleeping and to keep healthy during this time when going out is difficult."

​Ursula, mother of an infant boy 

"Being a mother of 3 young children and working full-time, I always struggle to find some time for myself. Chika’s 30-minute online yoga sessions fit perfectly in my busy calendar. They give me a chance to slow down and listen to my body and soul without the need to leave the house. After each session, I feel relaxed and recharged. Chika is always very generous with her time and offers plenty of advice on how to nurture yourself despite the business of the daily life. I highly recommend her classes to everyone, not only mums!"

​Chiara, mother of 3 primary school aged children, working full-time

"Chika’s online classes have been very educational and she is a very inspiring teacher. For a mum, the shorter class times make for a much easier commitment from home. Having more frequent classes and the replays available serve as a good reminder to keep up a regular yoga practice."

​Lauren, mother of a toddler, working full-time

" I was fortunate enough to win a scholarship to the Calm and Relaxed Mama Course in September 2020 and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn ways to incorporate some relaxation and time for myself during the busy day. Chika is very knowledgeable and has taught me amazing ways to stretch and relax. I have been using what she has taught me about stretching after each CrossFit class. This has helped my muscles to recover and has given me the balance I needed. I have also done some yin yoga when I have needed some relaxation. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn these amazing tools, Chika ❤️"

Lisa, mother of two kids

The doors are OPEN

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Single payment of AUD$88

Frequently Asked Questions


I have a baby who cries and needs my attention 24/7! Is this course suitable for me? 

​You’re in the right place as long as you’re at least 6 weeks postpartum 

(8-week if you had a caesarean birth) and received approval from your GP to recommence general exercise. Many mums try to time the baby’s nap time so they can attend the class by themselves, but babies are welcome in the class. Please note that this is not a mums & bubs yoga course. The focus is on you – beautiful mama.


I don’t have a newborn but I’m a busy mum trying to find a balance between work and family life. 

Yes, this course is perfect for you. The course isn’t specifically designed for new mums or first-time mums. It’s designed for any mums who desire to reduce stress, find more calm and be a happier & healthier version of them. We had students who had 2 or even 3 kids do the course in the past. 



I’m pregnant. Can I sign up? 

This program is not specifically designed for pregnant women, so there would be poses that are not suitable for you especially if you’re in your 2nd or 3rd trimester. I highly recommend you organise a private online session with me – called Calm & Active Birth. 

I’ve never done yoga before. Is the course suitable for me? 

Yes, it’s suitable for all levels including beginners. I encourage you to listen to your body and avoid any poses if you feel any pain. Not all poses might be suitable for everyone. This is the opportunity to honour your unique body and do poses that make you feel good.  

When can I start accessing the course?

As soon as you purchase, you will receive log in details to the course platform. 

All 8 classes are available immediately and you can work at your own pace. 

You can do one class a week or one class daily.

Or binge watch them all in one weekend. All up to you! 

How do I join the live classes? 

2 bonus calls will be held on zoom and the links to join the call will be emailed to you upon the purchase of the course. 


What happens if I miss a live class?

All live classes will be recorded and will be added to the course platform in 48 hours.  


Is this a mums & bubs yoga course where I learn how to do yoga with my baby?


No, the focus of each class is on you and there are mums who have older kids – toddlers, pre-schoolers and primary schoolers. There will be some poses where baby can be incorporated and if so, I can give additional instructions. 

How do I access the class content?

When you purchase the program, you will be asked to set up a password.

You will access the class content via a platform called Kajabi,

using the password you created at the time of purchase

How long can I access the course content for?

Once the payment is confirmed, you will have unlimited, unrestricted access to the class content. You can watch any video anytime anywhere. 

Do I receive personalised attention or have my questions answered in this program?

No, all classes are recorded and does not include live interactions. 

What if I'm not happy with the course? 

If the tools shared in this program didn’t help you release muscular tension in your body or didn’t help you cultivate a calm, relaxed state of mind, please email us at info@wayoga.com.au within 14 days of purchase and we will refund your investment.  

There will be NO refund after this date.